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Is there a good, open-source, documented CMake module for gettext support?

I mean:

  • Extracting messages from sources
  • Merging messages to existing translations
  • Compilation of mo-files
  • Installation of mo-files.

Because plain macros that CMake provides are quite... useless for real l10n support.


Edit: I created my own cmake rules for my own project but I don't think that it is long term solution especially when you have multiple projects.

So it would be really helpful if someone directed me to such module.

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I needed to write a gettext module for another project. So I made it user friendly and uploaded it to git hub.

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Wesnoth has their own solution.

See the code:

And for reference:

I’m not too sure this is really ”good” solution, but it works.

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So late 2011 I started work on a CMake module:

It fulfils everything you require.

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