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Joomla is pretty good CMS but, is there any way to create custom template which will be joomla supportable ?

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If I understand your question you want to convert an existing template that isn't even a Joomla template. If that is the case I found it very hard to do, of course depending on where the template was coming from. I ended up taking a template for Joomla 1.5 and starting from that. (Although the ja_Purity is a messy one when it comes to the CSS, looking back I would should have started with another one....)

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Yes, you can do it. Copy default template which comes with Joomla and customize it, and you can install it now.

Refer : http://docs.joomla.org/Joomla!_1.5_Template_Tutorials_Project

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Follow the SiteGround tutorial.

1st result for Google: joomla change template.

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If you mean a page-specific template, then this is answered here: http://docs.joomla.org/How_do_you_assign_a_template_to_a_specific_page%3F

It describes the following steps:

In Joomla! there is a default template, but you can assign other templates to specific "pages" that are defined by menu links.

To assign a template to a page, you must first make sure that there is a direct menu link to the page.

  1. Go to Extensions>>Template Manager
  2. Select the Template and click the edit icon (or click the template name)
  3. In the left column, change "None" to "Select from List."
  4. Select the links you want to apply the template to.
  5. Save

Note that you cannot assign the default template to individual pages.

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