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I have an addition SQL question, hopefully someone here can give me a hand.

I have the following mysql table:

ID  Type     Result
1   vinyl    blue, red, green
1   leather  purple, orange
2   leather  yellow

and i am seeking the following output:

ID Row One                 Row Two
1  vinyl blue, red, green  leather purple, orange
2  leather yellow

the thing is... type is not static... there are many different types and not all of them have the same ones. They need to follow in order.

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Unfortunately, this question isn't very coherent. For instance what does "not all of them have the ones" mean? – David M May 20 '10 at 19:21
I apologize, let me try to clarify. There is a column called type in the original table; it can have a wide range of values. Not all ID's have the same types. For each ID in the table it needs to be able to create a new column for each type and concat the result and type together in there. I hope this makes atleast some sense. – DaveC May 20 '10 at 19:24

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Please post a show create table of your table. It's not clear what you mean in fact.

Maybe what you need is GROUP_CONCAT after all:

mysql> select ID, GROUP_CONCAT(type,' ',result) from test;

Let us know.

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