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When asking this I answered myself: use a jsp.

But ok, what about a lightweight, easy to use framework?

It would be perfect if this framework had Eclipse plugin, so that I could generate all code in one click and simply fill one method body (populate it with the data), then in one click create a war file using a wizard and deploy it on Tomcat.

Are there such frameworks?

p.s. I use spring, but I think there are ways to integrate it into every framework.

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Take a look at Spring Roo.

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If you only want to list a few DB records, I would just implement it dirty with a simple JSP with scriptlets. But you could also use the JSP SQL Tag library for that.

A simple one method body controller that needs that forwards to a view can most easily be writen with the Stripes framework that forwards to a JSP view (see wikipedia code example for how easy this can be done).

Generating nice tables in JSP can quickly be done by the popular Display Tag library.

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If your not afraid to learn something new take a look at Grails

One of the big advantages of Grails is that its a full stack environment. Meaning that out of the box you get everything you need for your web app development

  • Test Servlet container (Tomcat)
  • Test database (hypersonic)
  • ORM (hibernate)


Once installed just run

> grails create-app

Then you have a complete runnable application. (Auto bootstraps your project creation and config)

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