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I have a c++ application that interfaces with lua files. I have a lua file that extracts zip files, which works when I run it using SciTe or the Lua command line. But when I try to run it from a c++ application it doesn't seem to work.

 require "zip"

function ExtractZipFiles(zipFilename, destinationPath)
    zipFile, err = zip.open(zipFilename)

    -- iterate through each file insize the zip file
    for file in zipFile:files() do
        currentFile, err = zipFile:open(file.filename)
        currentFileContents = currentFile:read("*a") -- read entire contents of current file
        hBinaryOutput = io.open(destinationPath .. file.filename, "wb")

        -- write current file inside zip to a file outside zip


-- Unit Test
ExtractZipFiles("SZProcessTests.zip", "Infections\\")

If I have Lua installed on the computer and double-click on the lua file it runs and the files are extracted as expected. But, it doesn't work if I try to run the lua file from C++ like this:

void CSZTestClientMessagesDlg::OnBtnExecute() 
    L = lua_open();
    luaL_dofile(L, "ExtractZipFiles.lua");

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What errors are you getting? –  Jesse Beder May 20 '10 at 20:04

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First of all check for errors:

if (luaL_dofile(L, "ExtractZipFiles.lua"))
    std::cerr << "Lua error : " << lua_tostring(L, -1) << std::endl;

Apart from that, my guess is that Lua can't locate the zip module -- check your package paths settings, read about require in the Lua manual.

In general, you need to check where the zip module is (zip.lua?) and make sure it's accessible during runtime (you can manually load it for example if all else fails).

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Great response, that was very helpful. –  Brian T Hannan May 20 '10 at 22:01

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