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I have a drop down with multiple options. Whenever you choose an option, the page reloads with data specific with that option. Currently I'm using

select.list(:name, strg).set(value)

and it does that part just fine, but it does not reload the page with the specific data. Anyone know how to help. When i watch it in action, it doesn't select the option either, but my logs show that it does.Thanks.

Edit: Got it to work with fire_event("onclick")

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Without seeing the page, my guess is that you have to fire JavaScript event. Something like:

select.list(:name, strg).set(value)
select.list(:name, strg).fire_event "onchange"
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Thanks for the reply, onchange did not work but then i started looking at other fire_event and tried fire_event("onclick") which works. – AJ. May 21 '10 at 23:58

ie.select_list(:name, strg).set

If that doesn't work, can you post an html snippet?

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