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Can any one recommend a good JavaScript library to solve floating point problems in JavaScript?

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Can you give us any detail on what kind of problems? Linear algebra? Equation solving? Root finding? –  Phil H May 10 '12 at 12:53

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I realize that you are probably looking for a library that provide extensive functionality beyond that which comes as part of the Math library that is standard in any JavaScript implementation. But, for those users who come across this question in the future:

The Math library that comes as part of the JavaScript standard has set of static functions that can be used to perform even the most awful kinds of math. It can perform trigonometric operations, log, exponents, square roots, and generate random numbers. I would check a reference book or guide for the version of JavaScript I was using to learn more.

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Big Number

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The BigDecimal.js library is a javascript port of BigDecimal.java. It does contain a bug, but there's a fix.

In my tests so far it's been 100% accurate.

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As their author, I recommend bignumber.js or big.js, 'a small, fast Javascript library for arbitrary-precision arithmetic with decimal numbers'.

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bignumber.js is now on the jsdelivr CDN –  Xotic750 Sep 10 '13 at 23:55

Take a look at dojox.math — maybe you find what you look for, or can help guys to add what's missing.

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