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Anyone from the UK and used any recurring billing provider?

Looking for the easiest way for customers to pay monthly by credit card for our web app. So hosted pages are definitely the easiest to get started - don't want to have to worry about PCI complement.

The price doesnt matter too much, they're all pretty similar. Anyone have any experiences?

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I've used Spreedly - they're very good and integrate to several UK banks.

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Thanks for replying. If you used their API, don't you need to complete the PCI Standard SAQ D questionnaire (230+ questions) as the credit card data is passed through the server? I think we've had to rule out Spreedly since someone can't change plan (ie upgrade from Silver to Gold) without re-entering their card details. – Igor K Jun 3 '10 at 22:10
Just for everyone's information, Spreedly now supports upgrading plans without having to re-enter card information: – PreciousBodilyFluids Jun 14 '10 at 21:57

I know that CheddarGetter offers hosted payment pages as part of their new features. They also have a new setup wizard, and if you need more help, their staff is really great with questions: we're using them for a SaaS at our office, and they get back to all of our calls/emails within hours. They even helped us out with the merchant account application, even though they don't offer merchant accounts themselves! We also made sure that they accept multiple currencies, and while we chose to go with their own gateway because it was convenient, they also work with PayPal and Authorize.Net, both of which are good internationally.

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Recurly supports many customers in the U.K.

You will need your own payment gateway to get started collecting payments from your customers. We support a number of gateways in the UK, including CyberSource, Paypal Website Payments Pro, PayPal PayFlow Pro, SagePay, and Wirecard.

Recurly also supports VAT for our European customers.

Cheers Dan

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Chargify is an option... it too requires a merchant account.

Someone in the UK, as the OP requested, could use paymentexpress, Paypal Payments Pro, or quickpay.

This is an interesting comparison site: which shows that chargify is the cheapest in many locations.

That's what we use, and it's kinda cool that we can get a referral link so easily with them:

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