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Quite simply I have a generic Silverlight 3.0 web page that is calling a Ping method on a WCF service. I do not have the WCF service running initially when I navigate to this Silverlight page. As expected I get a communication exception when I press the Silverlight button to call the Ping method, which I catch. Now if I start the WCF service and press the Ping button I still get the communication exception. How come? The other scenario is the WCF is running when I navigate to the SL page and the Ping method call works. I turn off the WCF service, ping method fails. Turn it back on and the ping method succeeds. How come if it's not running initially the ping method fails always? I could include some sample code if you'd like but this is just a real simple Hello World example using basichttpbinding, straight out the book.



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It's pretty unclear what you're trying to do and whet exactly the problem is? Some sample code will help. –  Koynov May 21 '10 at 8:39
Really would be a ton of code to show :( But it is pretty simple. Create a simple WCF service. In my case I just run it hosted in a Windows service. The endpoint it a simple basicHttpBinding. Add one method called Ping() that returns a string. Now create simple Silverlight app that has a single button on it. It of course calls the WCF service above. When you press the button on the page it calls the Ping method. Stop the windows service that hosts the WCF service. Now navigate to your SL page. Click the button and you get an error which is expected because the WCF endpoint doesn't exist. –  Craig May 26 '10 at 20:43
Now turn the WCF service on and perform the same task again. The part I don't get is that error still occurs. Why is that? IF the WCF service is running now, the endpoint exists. Now if you were to refresh the SL page and press the button everything works fine. Now in this state if I turn off the WCF service I of course will get an error if I press the button. Turn it back and pressing the button works. Its almost like the SL app needs to have the WCF running initially or it never will work. Why is that? –  Craig May 26 '10 at 20:45

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