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Hey all, I am using http://pastie.org/966473 as a reference as all I need to do is encrypt something using AES256 encrypting. I created a class and put the implementation in the pastie on top of the implementation for my class.

//pastie code

//my class code

In my class code I create a NSMutableData and try to call the EncryptAES method and I get a warning saying it might not respond to that. What am I doing wrong here? do I need to implement the pastie code elsewhere? Thanks for any help.

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That's just the @implementation block. You also need to define the category. Put this in your header file:

@interface NSMutableData (AES)
    - (NSMutableData*)EncryptAES:(NSString *)key;
    - (NSMutableData*)DecryptAES:(NSString *)key
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ah You're a lifesaver. Thanks a ton. –  Robert May 20 '10 at 22:54

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