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I have some code to encrypt some strings in Python. Encrypted text is used as a parameter in some urls, but after encrypting, there comes backslashes in string and I cannot use single backslash in urllib2.urlopen.

I cannot replace single backslash with double. For example:

print cipherText 


print cipherText.replace('\\','\\\\')


Also putting r in front of \ in replace statement did not worked.

All I want to do is calling that kind of url:


And also this url can be successfully called:

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probably what you are seeing is not a real "backslash character", but it is the string representation of a non printable (or non-ascii) character. For example \t is Tab, not a backslash and t.

You should build your url with

"http://awebsite.me/main?%s" % (urllib.urlencode({'param': cipherText}))
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