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Anyone know how to add a custom option select filter to a jQuery DataTable?

Basically, like this example page but instead of having min/max text fields... change them to select options.

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Easier than I thought it would be:


$(document).ready(function() {
    /* Initialise datatables */
    var oTable = $('#example').dataTable();

    /* Add event listener to the dropdown input */
    $('select#engines').change( function() { oTable.fnFilter( $(this).val() ); } );
} );


<select id="engines">
    <option value="">- Select -</option>
    <option value="1.8">1.8</option>
    <option value="1.9">1.9</option>
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Good one. really awesome.. Thanks a lot – JpDevs Jan 14 '15 at 13:49

You need to build a regular expression that will do it. Making a minimum or maximium is fairly easy. Trying to do both at the same time gets tricky. Here is one that will return all numbers 13+:

oTable.fnFilter("([1-9][3-9]|[2-9][0-9]|[0-9]{3,})", 1, true);

This says: 13-99 (excluding 20, 21, 22, 31, 32, etc) 20-99 100+

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