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I am accessing a .NET COM object from C++. I want to know the version information about this COM object. When I open the TLB in OLEVIEW.exe I can see the version information associated with the coclass. How can I access this information from C++? This is the information I get:

coclass XXXXXXXX{
    [default] interface XXXXXXXX;
    interface _Object;
    interface XXXXXXXX;
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The code project has a class that will do this at run time.

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Basically in the end I figured out that I need to get the information using the ITypeLib interface. So here is the solution:

  BSTR bstrTLBNameWithPath = ""; //set this to whatever you want

  if( bstrTLBNameWithPath )
    ITypeLib * pTlib = 0;
    HRESULT hr = LoadTypeLib( bstrTLBNameWithPath,&pTlib );
    if( SUCCEEDED( hr ) && pTlib )
      TLIBATTR * pTlibattr = 0;
      hr = pTlib->GetLibAttr( &pTlibattr );
      if( SUCCEEDED(hr) && pTlibattr )
        //do something with the info

        //release the information
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