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My Problem is
when I want to use UserControl with parameter.

it call both constructor( constructor with no parameter And constroctor with parameters)

is this normal situation??

if not, how should I construct the object.

public partial class FreeExperience : Arche.Web.UI.UserControlBase
    private ItemInfo itemInfo;
    public FreeExperience() : base()
    public FreeExperience(ItemInfo itemInfo) : this()
        this.itemInfo = itemInfo;

here I made simple userControl ,

and Call it like this on the another page.

<%@ Register TagPrefix="uc" TagName="FreeExperience" Src="include/FreeExperience.ascx" %>


<uc:FreeExperience ID="ucFreeExperience" runat="server"/>

And On the Page_load function of this webpage's CS

ucFreeExperience = new Arche.Itempage3.include.FreeExperience(itemInfo);
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After Removing : this() I get same result. is this normal?? – Sungguk Lim May 21 '10 at 8:56
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Dont use constructors on user controls.

Expose properties with get/set accessors.

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public FreeExperience(ItemInfo itemInfo) : this()

:this() is calling your default constructor, if there is no specific reason why you are doing so, you can remove it.

Actually, I always operate the other way around, and have constructors with little or no parameter, call a parametered constructor, providing default values.

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After Removing : this() I get same result. could you specifically explain about your way to use UC ? – Sungguk Lim May 21 '10 at 8:54

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