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I would like to create some kind of open free "group" posting of photos with geotags

First I thought about Panoramio, but seems there is no API for photos upload.

By now I can see only two ways:

  • Flickr - there are groups but you have to approve group membership anyway, or use tags for grouping which is bad for maintenance

  • Custom server solution which will cost efforts and hosting

Can you suggest other free photo services with geotags functionality, or opensource solutions?

Thank you!

:) Want to add, that I am intrasted in services with open API that is why I thought its a good idea ask this question at SO...

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I guess, Picasa may be an alternative in some way.
Picasa access in android: PicasaUploadActivity

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it also seems like panoramio does have an API based on services with responses in JSON

the request will be something like

checkout this post in google geo developers blog for more info

hope it helps.


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Yes, Panoramio has it's api but as I stated in question, it has "no API for photos upload"... I need a way to upload photos from my code. But thank you anyway! – Max Gontar Jul 28 '10 at 6:04
oh right... missed the upload part... cheers – samiq Jul 28 '10 at 9:43

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