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OK, I've probably misunderstood something here but, as far as I can see ...

  • An extension method has to be contained in a module, not a class
  • You can't make methods in modules Static/Shared
  • Therefore you can't use an extension method on a class without instantiating it.

In other words you can't make an extension method on String called "MyExtensionMethod" and use:


But instead ..

Dim test As String

Is this correct? Or is there a way I can get extension methods to work as static methods?

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You are correct. Extension methods can only act on instances of a type.

And no, unfortunately there's no crafty way to write extension methods that act on the types themselves, behaving like static methods.

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Thanks for the answer. Seems like an incredible oversight though, since most "helper type" functions on existing framework objects function as static :( – Matt Thrower May 21 '10 at 9:12

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