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How do you obtain the DateTime stamp of a textfile using VB 6.0? By DateTime stamp I mean the date & time the textfile was created or modified. Sample code would be appreciated. Thanks.

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For created/last modified you can simply;

dateVar = FileDateTime("c:\foo\bar\qux.file")
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This works and is simpler than using the FileSystemObject from the scripting run time. Thanks Alex – Jack Njiri May 21 '10 at 12:06
Nice. I was not aware that function existed. – raven May 21 '10 at 12:34

Use the GetFile method in FileSystemObject and then just use the DateCreated and 'DateLastModified' properties of it.

Here's the documentation with a sample for how to do it from VBscript (pretty much the same from VB6):

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You want the FileSystemObject from the scripting run time.

MS gives an example of getting the creation time

Note that example works in VBScript as well in VB6 you can get the file by


Dim fso As New FileSystemObject, fil As File
Set fil = fso.GetFile("c:\test.txt")
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How about this:

Dev X : get datetime in VB6

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