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disp('Implementation of ELGAMAL Digital Signature');

clear all; 
close all;

%%Hardcoded values (vpi stands for VariablePrecisionIntegers, and are used to store large values)
g = vpi(5)  %alpha in example
k = vpi(9)  %Random number 1<k<p-1 and gcd(k, p − 1) = 1.
p = vpi(23) %Prime Number
x = vpi(3)  %Secret Key 1 < x < p − 1
m = vpi(7)  %Message

y = vpi(2)
r = vpi(2)
s = vpi(2)

%%Key Generation
y = powermod(g,x,p)     %y = g^x mod p  

%%Signature Generation
r = powermod(g,k,p)     %r = g^k mod p

multinver = mulinv(9,23)    %Generates multiplicative inverse k^-1 mod p

s = mod(((multinver)*(m-x*r)),p-1)      %s = (k^-1)*(m-x*r) mod p-1

zvg = vpi(2);
zvg = powermod (g,m,p)      %zvg = g^m mod p

zvyr = vpi(2);
zvyr = mod(((y^r)*(r^s)),p) %zvyr = y^r * r^s mod p


Implementation of ELGAMAL Digital Signature  
g = 5  
k = 9  
p = 23  
x = 3  
m = 7  
y = 2  
r = 2  
s = 2  
y = 10  
r = 11  
multinver =   18  
s = 16  
zvg = 17  
zvyr = 5  

zvg should be equal to zvyr, but it's coming out wrong.

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You are computing multinver wrong

It should be

multinver = mulinv(k,p-1)    %Generates multiplicative inverse k^-1 mod (p-1)

Notice that we are computing the inverse mod (p-1) not mod (p).

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Thanks mikeazo, that worked.
I had downloaded the code to compute multiplicative inverse. But that did not compute for non prime numbers i.e., p-1.
So, I had to remove the following code and it just worked fine.

if ~isprime(p)
    disp('The field order is not a prime number');
elseif sum(x>=p)
    disp('All or some of the numbers do not belong to the field');
elseif sum(~x)
    disp('0 does not have a multiplicative inverse');

Now the final code of multiplicative inverse is

function y=mulinv(x,p)
k=zeros(size(x));   %set the counter array
m=mod(k*p+1,x);     %find reminders
while sum(m)        %are all reminders zero?
    k=k+sign(m);    %update the counter array
    m=mod(k*p+1,x); %caculate new reminders 
y=(k*p+1)./x;       %find the multiplicative inverses of X

The answer is coming out right. I hope removing the conditions wont create any problem in future. Thanks again mikeazo

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