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I have tried to work this regex to set up a goal in GA for 2 days, but I cannot get my head around it...

The url format is like this: /purchase.php?cDd=1&transaction_id=xxxxxxx&verify=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=&method=creditcard&type=purchase

transaction_id= is populated with a sept of numbers verify= is populated by a string of numbers, letters in both caps and lower case

Basically I would like to only match URLs which finish by "&method=creditcard&type=purchase"

I have tried to just put &method=creditcard&type=purchase but it does retrieve other URLs too

Would anyone has any ideas

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Put a $ sign at the end of your regex.

This way you enforce to only match url's that end with &method=creditcard&type=purchase




would do the trick

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Thanks a million! –  user346958 May 21 '10 at 10:13
@gaaustralia: If this answer solves your problem, you can show your appreciation by accepting it (click the checkmark on the left), and (as soon as your reputation climbs over 15) also upvoting it. –  Tim Pietzcker May 21 '10 at 10:16

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