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I am currently using Qt Creator 1.3 for my Qt applications. I know it uses jom for make step which is better when we have multi core processors. But besides that what are all the advantages of using both the IDEs? Dis advantages as well? I am using CL compiler though for compiling my applications. Is there any other specific advantages and disadvantages of these IDEs?

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@user249490 In my opinion, this is just matter of taste... I use MSVC. – mosg May 21 '10 at 10:37

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I am using QtCreator for development of my Qt applications because I it better fits the Qt classes as such. However I use Visual Studio for Debugging those projects.


  • better Qt object support (help, navigation, etc.)
  • better GUI editor
  • some nice features like mouse navigation
  • really fast IDE
  • poor debugging (at least I don't know how to efficiently use it here) compared to VS

Visual Studio (+Visual Assist):

  • great debugger
  • Visual Assist
  • easier project file configuration and customization (qmake is way too limited in some areas)
  • Visual Studio is my choice for C++ development (I'm used to it)
  • Qt integration is not that good (IMHO)
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this is quite an open question, but here's my point of view: with VS you get a true Integrated Development Environment which for me means:

  • support a whole lot of languages
  • is 'all-in'one', no need switching between programs
  • great editor
  • very great debugger
  • very customizable and extendable, good macro capabilities, good integration with other products, rather mature in comparision with Qt Creator

The only reason I use Qt creator is becasue of the Gui designer actually, pretty much all other tasks can be done by VS. That doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other though, I'd just say one is better at performing certan tasks than the other. Use the right tool for each job.

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If you're only working on Windows I'd say it boils down to preference. Otherwise, the clear advantage Qt Creator has over VS is that it's cross platform and moving platforms while keeping your IDE is a clean winner.

If you only work on Windows and have experience working with VS, then you might be more comfortable using something you already know.

Obviously Qt Creator is a lot more Qt-oriented. Every common operation while developing with Qt is bound to be easier in Qt Creator since it's primary goal was to be a tool for developing Qt applications.

Even debugging, which puts VS on top of others, is becoming argumentative when comparing it to Qt Creator, since recently almost every Qt class has a customized debugging representation (read more here).

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