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I just want to copy list of files displayed in eclipse search tab, When i try using right click copy and paste into some folder it does not work.It actually copies the file location rather than the file itself

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There is no direct way to do this. What you can do is:

  1. Double click on the entry in the search tab
  2. F12 to switch to the editor
  3. Ctrl+Alt+W to select the file in the navigator view
  4. Drag the file from there to the place where you want it

Too tedious? Then open a command prompt or shell and use the file location there.

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i would rather copy the file locations into a file and then write a java plug in .Anyway thanks a lot for the help – Ravisha May 21 '10 at 12:17

If you need file locations then use Eclipse search csv export plugin.

If want to copy the whole file(s) into a folder then refer @Aaron Digulla answer(Its applicable to single file). In case of multiple files. Press Ctrl + A to select all search results in search view. Right click on the selection. Choose Show In > Package Explorer. Drag file(s) to a folder in any file explorer.

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