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I run a feed aggregator (http://planetdb2.com/) and I need to aggregate both prolific (many posts a day) and less prolific (one post a day at most) feeds.

Creating a daily digest -- one post summary of the day's posts -- seems like the best solution.

There's a way to create a daily digest just for Twitter feeds via Yahoo Pipes, but it is neither general-purpose nor simple.

Feedburner will email you a daily digest, but it won't create a daily digest feed.

Is there an existing service that can take any feed and produce a daily? How do I use it?



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Maybe Tabbloid would do what you need. This service reads given RSS feeds, combines new items into a PDF and e-mails the pdf to given address on schedule.

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Try yahoo pipes.


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Didn't he say in the question that yahoo pipes is not simle enough ? –  siukurnin Dec 2 '08 at 21:48
I guess I missed that bit. :-( That said, I find Yahoo pipes dead simple, I'm curious what else is out there that would make this any easier. –  scunliffe Feb 19 '09 at 17:15

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