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i could not find any idea of how to implement API over the SharePoint(MOSS) framework. Could anyone give me a tip please?

What i want to do is create a client application to communicate with the SharePoint. wanting to implement something like following.

  • Client send post request to API implemented on SharePoint, API receive a request and do the authentication and create a login cookie.
  • Client keep communicating with API(with the login cookie), request necessary information and API returns it.

I could not find anyway to hook a program... Is there anyway to hook a program or implement own authentication mechanism before SharePoint's own authentication is called?

Any alternative approach will be grateful. Thank you in advance.


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It sounds like you need the Web Services that ship as part of SharePoint. There is no need to re-invent the wheel by creating your own API.

If your own application runs on a machine with a local SharePoint installation then you can program against the SharePoint Object Model directly. Otherwise use the Web Services interface.

More on Google.

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Thank you for a comment Muhimbi, I'm not quite sure how to implement against the SharePoint Object Model directly, so ill try start with using Web Services interface. Thank you –  taiga May 24 '10 at 1:17

Here you find a fluent API for the SharePoint. FluentSP implements a modern fluent interface around the classic SharePoint 2010 API: http://www.parago.de/2011/09/fluentsp-the-fluent-sharepoint-api/

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