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DataContractJsonSerializer this is nice class added in the .net framework which can be used to serialize/desirealize object into JSON.

Now following is the example i am trying

[Serializable] class User { public string name;     public string userId; }

Now following is the output generated

Output : Notice structure where only "name" is expected instead of k__BackingField

Now this is the problem after digging so much i am not sure from where <> and _BackingField is coming ?

"<name>k__BackingField":"test user",
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This is just an educated guess. I think it's because you're using public fields instead of properties for name and userid.

Edit: It appears it also has to do with the fact that you are using the [Serializable] attribute instead of [DataContract] and [DataMember]. Check out this post for more detail:


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Thanks for answering ........ i figured out that the C# 3.0's implicit properties causing it as compiler adds code for doing that. This is getting reflected when serialization takes place. –  Anil Namde May 25 '10 at 6:14

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