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What I want to do:

Create a number of modules with the forms folder inside them.

What I did:

Create a bootstrapper inside the module and added an _initAutoload function with the specific module name as namespace.

For instance, an admin module with the following bootstrapper:

class Admin_Bootstrap extends Zend_Application_Module_Bootstrap

    protected function _initAutoload()
        $autoloader = new Zend_Application_Module_Autoloader(array(
            'namespace' => 'Admin_',
            'basePath'  => dirname(__FILE__),
        return $autoloader;


My question is:

Is this the correct way of doing what I want? - I tried it without having the admin bootstrapper, but it couldn't find my form, until I added the bootstrapper.


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The autoloader is automatically set up for each module bootstrap. You don't need to configure it manually.

class Admin_Bootstrap extends Zend_Application_Module_Bootstrap {}

is all you need.

Then put your forms in /application/modules/admin/forms/.

Admin_Form_Myform extends Zend_Form {...}

For your custom resources, customize resourceAutoloader:

   class Admin_Bootstrap extends Zend_Application_Module_Bootstrap 
        public function _initAuloload() 
             $resourceLoader = $this->_resourceAuloloader;
             // var_dump($resourceLoader);
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Remember to add also in your apllication.ini

resources.frontController.moduleDirectory = APPLICATION_PATH "/modules"

resources.modules = ""

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Hate ZF for that – Andrii Nemchenko Apr 1 '12 at 9:20
@Samuele - can you please provide some links to resouces which describe the application.ini file in zend framework – Saurabh May 17 '12 at 6:24

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