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I am porting an application from foxpro to C#.Net. This is a wine shop billing software. Its billing interface screenshot link is here

But my client wants similar interface on WPF too. I think listview can help me in this regard but don't know how to implement. i figured out that each row of listview should have 2 textbox, 1 combobox and few textblock or label.

Not only this but cursor should jump from one control to other control using "Enter/Return" key instead of "Tab" key.

Please help me with some code lines.

Please guys help me......

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You could use the ListView like you mention. it's not that hard.

Consider this :

You listview will now contains 2 textboxes. I suggest you test a little with something like this. The key point is to define your ItemsTemplate the way you need it.

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Damn, can't make the xaml to appear... – David Brunelle May 21 '10 at 15:28

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