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What should I configure when I put Zend project on windows to Ubuntu Lamp? (I asking that beacause my Zend progect not working on Ubuntu, its gives first pages, but after i enter to next page its gives me 404 error(page Not Found), I check if rewrite mod enable with : sudo a2enmod rewrite and get: Module rewrite already enabled ::: I dont have such probelm on Zend Ce and Wamp servers on Windows). Thanks, Yosef

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It almost sounds like the .htaccess file is not being taken into account. As a test you could try route this through index.php manually such as:

http://localhost/controller/action -> http://localhost/index.php/controller/action

This might help to narrow it down.

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Hi, I right with index.php its works!thank you very much! What should I change in .htaccess file? – Yosef May 22 '10 at 18:31
Have a look where you've defined your virtual host and ensure that you change AllowOverride None to become AllowOverride All. I think that should switch on the .htaccess support for you. If you're using Ubuntu check out – Alistair May 22 '10 at 18:52
Thank you very much! – Yosef May 22 '10 at 19:17

Double-check your class file names. Windows is a little more forgiving on case-sensitivity issues. It's quite easy to break an application written on a PC and transferred to a LAMP box with the wrong camel-casing on class files. I learned that the hard way.

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Can you give examle please – Yosef May 22 '10 at 18:25
Sure. The Zend Autoloader expects class file names to be ucfirst() - e.g. Xml.php. If you create the class file name as XML.php (which I did when I started) the class will work fine on WAMP but will fail (throwing an error) on LAMP. This, of course, assumes you're using the autoloader. – allnightgrocery May 22 '10 at 20:14
Thank you very much. – Yosef May 22 '10 at 21:00
Certainly. Good luck. – allnightgrocery May 22 '10 at 22:39

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