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string filePath = "C:\\test\\564.flv";
    WebClient client = new WebClient();

    NetworkCredential nc = new NetworkCredential(uName, password);

    Uri addy = new Uri("\\\\\\Files\\test.flv");
    client.Credentials = nc;
    byte[] arrReturn = client.UploadFile(addy, filePath);
catch (Exception ex)

i am get this error "The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed." what should i doo ??

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WebClient uses POST method to upload a file in an HTTP server or uses STOR command to upload a file in an FTP server. It can't upload files in a network folder.

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I do not believe the UploadFile() method can have a UNC address for the URI. See the documentation for the method: It needs to either be an FTP site or an HTTP site.

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