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I am having a lot of issues trying to automate downloading from an ftp site. I know the folder the file will be in, and I know that it will be a .zip file. However I do not know what the files will be named.

So I have code that works if I know the file name...for example:

$sourceuri = "ftp://myFtpSite/test/"

I would like to be able to use wildcards in this string so it will recongize any zip file. So I could write something like

$sourceuri = "ftp://myFtpSite/test/"

and it would download any zip file in that folder.

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Did you try "myFtpSite/test*.zip"? From an FTP client perspective, I use mget and specifies wildcards like *.dll. – Keith Hill May 21 '10 at 19:54

I know this question is ancient, but have you considered just using the console app ftp.exe? You can build a text file with commands (such as "mget *.zip" to retrieve all .zip files) and automate the process.

ftp -s:filename
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+1 because that'll work but it's not exactly doing it within powershell. – Philip Jun 27 '11 at 15:42

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