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Where is the documentation for NUnit's mocking library, NUnit.Mocks?

I can't find anything in their official documentation or wiki.

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This question might be moot, since Charlie Poole stated (groups.google.com/group/nunit-discuss/browse_thread/thread/…) in 2008: "I generally fix bugs but don't enhance it, since I want folks to look at the more complete mock frameworks like Rhino or NMock once they get the basic idea." –  M. Dudley May 21 '10 at 17:28
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As I have been told recently Nunit.Mocks are not meant to be used for serious applications. Given it's obvious limitations you're better off with a different framework anyway...

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apparently Wikipedia didn't like the mocking frameworks page, so here's a similar list here on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/3561524/… –  Andrew Nov 21 '11 at 15:44
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NUnit.Mocks was originally developed for internal use in NUnit's own tests, although we no longer use it for that purpose.

In addition, it has been useful as a teaching tool, allowing users to gain familiarity with mocking techniques before moving on to more serious frameworks.

For production use, we recommend you install a full-featured mock object framework.

The NUnit project now uses NSubstitute and NUnit.Mocks is no longer being developed.

Source: NUnit.Mocks 2.6.2

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