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I have a swf file that's embedded in a html page, and I have a close button in the swf page, I want the swf to disappear when I click on the button, what is the best way to do that? Thanks.

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If your ursing swfobject 2.1 to embed the swf you can use this built-in javascript swfobject.removeSWF() function:

function removeFlashFromHTML() 

now you call the javascript function from flash using ExternalInterface:

function buttonClicked(evt:MouseEvent) 
 if (ExternalInterface.available) {"removeFlashFromHTML()");

for more information about SWFObject check this website

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Write a JavaScript function that will hide the swf or its containing element, and call that function via the "close button" in the swf itself.

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Heres an article on how to get flash to call some JS on your page. If you never want it back (after hiding) i suggest you remove it from the DOM to release resources, as flash is expensive in client environments.

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Removing an html snippet that holds the swf stops the flash player plug-in? – Jonathan Barbero Apr 5 '10 at 17:47

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