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I just upgraded my slime using elpa in Emacs. But I wonder if things are like they should be now, because when I removed the old version using elpa, it complained it could not remove a certain folder. So, when I start up Emacs (I know, I shouldn't have closed it), how I can see which slime version actually gets used? Is there a command like M-x slime-version ?

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There are no slime releases, just CVS snapshot. Use


to get the latest changelog/commit date.

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Great, tnx. Whenever I do this, while not being connected to a swank server, it says: not connected. Why do I actually have to be connected in order to see the slime version? – Michiel Borkent May 22 '10 at 9:13
You don't have to be connected. But most likely slime is autoloaded on you system: so you need to (require 'slime) – Jürgen Hötzel May 22 '10 at 9:58

When you start a REPL with the M-x slime command, the SLIME version is shown on the first line of the REPL, like:

; SLIME 20100404

Btw you can always go to your elpa folder(the one in which elpa installs the packages) and remove the problematic folder by hand.

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