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I want to use Google's Annotated Time Line Visualization. It is very easy to make this work by manually adding the lines for column & row data. This is all done through attributes of google.visualization.DataTable(). I would like to update this data table dynamically, but I do not know how. The data is on a server running MS SQL Server 2005.

I found a post to accomplish this with PHP and MySQL, but I do not know how to translate this to VB .NET or C# (either is fine).

Does anyone know how to make this use MS SQL Server data in .NET or of a better way to have the code dynamically generated so new data does not have to have the lines manually added every day?


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I know this is an old post but take a look at http://www.panterlo.com/2010/10/17/google-visualization-api-gets-easy-with-net-mvc/ which points out that I released out a class library available at github (GPL v3) that you can use for this purpose.

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Fantastic! Thank you for sharing! –  K Richard Oct 17 '10 at 22:34

You could use the post you mentioned to help you write this code in PHP but use PHP's ODBC functions (http://us3.php.net/odbc) to access the data in MSSQL Server instead of the examples shown in accessing a MySQL database.

$connectionstring = odbc_connect($db, $user, $pass) or die("Connection Failed");
$query = "...";
$result = odbc_do($connectionstring, $query) or die("Query Failed");

Sorry that doesn't help you with .NET or C#.

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