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I am trying to list all of the functions a namespace has in it (warning - I'm really new to Tcl, so I'll probably use the wrong words for parts of Tcl). For example, I have a tcl shell someone compiled for me (if that's the right way to phrase it), and I know at least one function exists, let's call it


I know in ruby there are ways to list all the functions in a module/namespace. How would I find out what other functions are available in the blah namespace in Tcl?

Thanks in advance

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You use [info commands] to query what commands are available, and you can scope it to a particular namespace by specifying a glob-style pattern. For example:

% info commands ::blah::*
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sorry it took so long to get mark this - it wouldn't let me do it right awawy and I forgot :^( –  Bub Bradlee Jun 3 '10 at 14:47

Also: namespace eval ::blah {info procs}

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