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I'm building a simple site that allows users to post text content and I want to add it to a search index as it gets posted, so my site search is up to date. From what I can tell Lucene.NET is a good full text search framework. I've found very few examples of how to use it though. Can anyone post some good references for learning about Lucene?

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Some links:

The key point is that any Java material for Lucene is great for Lucene.net.

I should note though, that from your description of requirements, Solr might be a better fit.


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If you want to use Lucene.NET on Windows Azure you can check out my blog post on how to get it working with the latest Azure SDK. A lot of people have problems getting this working, so I fixed the problem and wrote an article about it: http://leoncullens.nl/post/2012/11/18/Full-Text-Search-on-Azure-with-LuceneNET.aspx

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