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We are looking for a web-based document merge solution.

Our application is a web-based project management tool built using Xataface - PHP on Windows IIS + mySQL. We have a function that allows the user to generate a status report in Microsoft Word format based on data in the tool.

Currently this function is implemented using LiveDocX. We have a status report template, and LiveDocX performs the merge into the template using data from our project management tool.

The main drawback is LiveDocx is web-service based. We are looking to replace LiveDocX in order to reduce our dependence on the up-time of a third-party web-service that we cannot control.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a web-based document merge solution that I can install on my IIS or PHP based server?

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are you merging to Word 2007/2010 formats or do you need earlier formats as well? –  Todd Main May 22 '10 at 21:32
Hi Otaku. Word 2007 format would be OK, eariler formats are not required necessarily. –  rugcutter May 24 '10 at 2:27

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In reading your question, I'm not sure if what you're after is actual mail merge or just simply populating a single Word template server-side. In either case, here are some things to get your started:

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If you are still looking for solution then you can try Aspose.Words for .NET it is a commercial component (not free).

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