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We've been recording sound for over a decade using what seems like a very clunky method using the Winmm.dll and the MCIsendString.

I've read that this doesn't set the recording quality value correctly (not sure if that article was ever true or is still true).

I was wondering if there is any better way to record sound, such as using the MCI control, etc.

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"Clunky" is right. I've also been using the MciSendString method. If you are willing to move off VB6, you could use the Microphone support in Silverlight 4. Combined with the out of browser support, it could conceivably replace you VB6 app. (sorry, long shot).

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I found one alternative way:

This alternative to MCISend is really complicated but does some neat stuff like: * Setting volume * Displaying sound meter in real time. * Displaying waveform in real time.

And I found some tips that may make the MCISendString work a bit better:

  1. This fellow claims that the MCISendString has a flaw (transposes some digits in some of the settings) which can cause the audio to not be playable in Windows Media Player.

  2. Someone reported needing to set the MCISendString parameters very carefully in a way not fully documented. This was in response to a report of poor recording quality.

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