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Dumb question I'm sure, but when I log onto my MSDN subscription account, I don't see Team Foundation Server in the list of available for download software application. I thought it was supposed to come with VS2010 Ultimate, which I could download.

Is it a separate download? Could it be that my MSDN account level gives me access to VS2010 but that I am still not entitled to TFS?

I'd like to install it instead of using VSS.

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According to this page, all of the "Visual Studio 2010 With MSDN" come with TFS Server 2010 as well. On my account, the download was under Developer Tools -> Visual Studio 2010, and named Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 (x86 and x64) - DVD (English)

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Son of a gun, you are correct. I either expected TFS to be part of the installation of VS2010 or more likely, a separate download in a separate section of MSDN, not with the VS2010 download group. I expected that the download groups were just for various versions of 2010. I consider TFS a separate but related production. Thank, you! –  ChadD May 22 '10 at 6:27

TFS 2010 should be available to you as a separate download if you have access to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. According to this blog posting, MSDN gives you an unlimited test license and a license for a single production use server:

Also, according to the VS 2010 licensing whitepaper (which includes licensing details for TFS 2010), clients using VS 2010 Professional or better have a CAL for accessing a TFS server.

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