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  1. Is the *.spa binary file format trade secret? But Perkin Elmer released *.sp format to public;

  2. how to read?

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As a Matter of fact, I have obtained the following Matlab/Octave codes for some specific *.spa spectra I obtained before. The only concern I have is, when reading the spectrum data, the offset typically is 0x41ch, but not always be 0x41ch when the *.spa files were re-named or saved as new or converted between %transmittance and absorbance via Omnic software. %%%%%%%%%%%****************%%%%%%%%%%%% – cooooldog May 24 '10 at 1:05
clc filename='c:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\Spectral File.SPA'; fid=fopen(filename,'r'); % Find the points number fseek(fid,hex2dec('234'),'bof'); Number_of_DataPoints=fread(fid,1,'int32'); %Find the maximum and minimum of Wavenumber (cm-1) range fseek(fid,576,'bof'); Maximum_Wavenumber=fread(fid,1,'single'); Minimum_Wavenumber=fread(fid,1,'single'); Interval=(Maximum_Wavenumber-Minimum_Wavenumber)/(Number_of_DataPoints-1); Wavenumber=linspace(Minimum_Wavenumber,Maximum_Wavenumber,Number_of_DataPoints).‌​'; Wavenumber=flipud(Wavenumber); – cooooldog May 24 '10 at 1:05
%Find the Y-Axis data type: %Transmittance or Absorbance fseek(fid,hex2dec('360'),'bof'); Y_Label=char(fread(fid,14,'uchar')'); % How to define the offset for spectral data still remains unresolved. fseek(fid,hex2dec('41c'),'bof'); spectrum=fread(fid,Number_of_DataPoints,'single');%'double'); % float64, %real*8 figure(1),plot(Wavenumber,spectrum,'r'); set(gcf,'color','w'); set(gca,'xdir','rev','xcolor','b','ycolor','b','xlim',[round(Minimum_Wavenumber)‌​,round(Maximum_Wavenumber)]); xlabel('Wavenumber /cm^{-1}'); ylabel(Y_Label); – cooooldog May 24 '10 at 1:06
The codes usually work for original format unchanged *.spa files, but not always work for changed ones. Codes are available from this link: – cooooldog May 24 '10 at 1:08
About programming language, if you can crack the *.spa format, I don't care which language you're using. I can translate the codes to languages I prefer. Thanks – cooooldog May 24 '10 at 1:12

I know this thread is a bit old now, but I needed to read SPA files recently, and would like to share how I managed to cope with them.
As stated by cooooldog, 0x41c offset is not standard. However, this offset is coded in the spa file itself.
When editing a spa file, there is a short header at the beginning, then many zeros. From 0x11e are non-zero values.
Here is how I managed to find the correct offset for my spectral files:
Starting from 0x11e, I start reading int32 values. It appears that the data offset is coded just before this value : 54 18 00 00 (which is 6228 in decimal).
Edit : I've received new set of spa files where the searched pattern is no longer 54 18 00 00 but 40 61 00 00 (24896), so this might not be standard as well. In fact it appears that starting address is either coded at 172h or 182h in the spa file. I do still need a way to find it out.
So by looking for 6228, the offset needed to find data later in the file is the integer found just before this value of 6228.
If you continue editing your spa file, you should find floating point values, 32-bit coded, placed just after a bunch of text.
From now, reading those values is possible, by just replacing 0x41c by the address found.
If this may help anyone...

function address = getStart(filename)  
        % Open the file  
        % Jump where the values become interesting  
        % Pattern we're looking for  
        pattern = 6228;  
        suspect = 0;  
        while suspect~=pattern  
            oldSuspect = suspect;  
            suspect    = fread(fid,1,'int32');  
        % The correct address is just before our current suspect  
        address = oldSuspect;  
        % Close the file  
    catch ex  
        address = 0;  
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I found where the spectral offset is set, it is on position 386:

spectral_offset = fread(fid,1,'int32')

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