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In my Java app, how can I incorporate the browser (which loads and renders URLs) in Swing and access it's DOM and manipulate HTML ?

How can you embed such browser in a Rich Internet Application and access it's DOM ? More specifically, Vaadin ? Is there a HTTP proxy class that can load an external URL, and render it to the user ? This was what I was doing on LAMP stack....but I want to switch to Vaadin or some Java web framework where I can just use Java to do everything from server-side to client-side logic design, so I can focus more on application logic. (aka looking for developer friendly frameworks like Vaadin).

Thank you and have a great weekend !

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See How to display html in a java application?, in particular DJ Project. – Matthew Flaschen May 22 '10 at 6:52
yes i am looking for something like that but it must work with a web framework like Vaadin – gaqer May 23 '10 at 2:54

NetBeans have been making strides in this direction. See their wiki, but I don't think they can get hold of the DOM.

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