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I have a Windows Server that recives mail. These mail contains only 1 single CSV file. I want my server to automatically take the attachment from any incoming mail and send to a java program locally installed. Is there anyone who can give me directions on any programs that fix this or do I need to create some kind of windows service?

Thankful for any help!

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=>Write a program using threads and run in the Windows Server =>Your thread will check a particular location (where the CSV will be stored) for every 5 minutes (give your own time interval of checking) =>Process that file.

Hope this helps.

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thx sound like a good idee! – Marthin Jun 9 '10 at 10:05

How do you receive the mail (service,script,application)? If you do via Outlook, things are pretty easy. Write a VBA script which extracts the attachment and saves in a folder somewhere. In the java application you implement a directory listener which fires if the directory has changed and pick up the new file.

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