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I try to recompile a flash package from somebody who has left the company and I have some difficulty to understand why I can't.

There are only warnings of type "variable 'x' has no type declaration" when building so why does it halt ?

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FlashDevelop treats warnings as errors and so won't compile successfully if there are warnings.

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Getting rid of the warnings was the easiest solution! +1 –  Ranhiru Cooray Apr 3 '12 at 13:08

There could be an obscure error of which has not been picked up by the ide. these include package declaration errors, sometimes inline XML and especially Flex - mxml errors unflagged.

Try cleaning the application, ensure no SVN files a kicking around -


ooh I'd like to add this happened to me once when I tried to make a backup of a class called Myclass_old.as

The ide will try and parse it - bt of course I had the same thing. I guess that falls under incorrect package naming but it easy to overlook.

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Well i have no svn files and no special files. But it uses fl.transitions.* classes I don't have so I decompiled some swf files to get them, maybe that's not good ? –  user310291 May 22 '10 at 15:10
As I remember decompliers can never get the code out perfectly - but I'm curious. If the package is 'fl.transitions' then why did you need to decompile the old work? Are they not native to flash (Due to the 'fl' package name) - Could you be implementing package namespaces that already exist? –  Glycerine May 22 '10 at 15:34

I went to project properties->compiler options then set Enable All Warnings to false..and it worked like a charm after. Seems like warnings are treated as errors by default

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Got this error then re-saved the file i was editing on and it disappeared.

Unfortunately this seems to be recurring...

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