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hello i want to work with 2 queue in the module where i change my pointer to them therefore i need to use :

wait_queue_head_t **currentQ;

    currentQ = &readWaitQ1;
    currentQ = &readWaitQ2;

but i get incorrect type for wake_up an other stuff using the queue. even thought i google it i couldnt find an answer can someone just give me the prototype needed?...

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Since the macro is (see here):

    wait_queue_head_t name = __WAIT_QUEUE_HEAD_INITIALIZER(name)

that means that:


translates to:

wait_queue_head_t readWaitQ1 = ...;

Now with your current code:

wait_queue_head_t **currentQ;
currentQ = &readWaitQ1;

you have one too many indirections on currentQ. You should try:

wait_queue_head_t *currentQ;


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thanks , i used other functiones where the compiler didnt yelled at me and that got me confused – yoavstr May 22 '10 at 14:18

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