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Typing fast is important to programmers. I've seen great programmers who instantly have an idea formed in their head of what they want a function to look like (or, for example, a class skeleton in Java). Then they spend a good amount of time just typing it in. This greatly decreases productivity, as your brain rather shuts off when you're typing the current sentence / lines of code you're thinking about.

So, typing faster is important. We've even had questions about this here.

I'm looking for ways to increase my WPM. Playing typeracer and going on, I figured my WPM was about 120, and it got to 140 on good days. However, I recently tried these games on computers in the computer lab, and found I could much more easily hit speeds of 140, and even got scores like 150, up to 160 WPM. I attributed this to the different keyboards in the computer lab.

What keyboard have you found allows you to type the fastest? I'm currently using a Microsoft RT2300. The keyboard I did best on was one of these, although I faired fairly well on this Logitech. These, as you can see, are all pretty unspectacular, but they work better than mine.

Bonus: keyboards especially designed for programmers (maybe a better layout of all the commonly used symbol keys? I haven't heard of anything like this, but am open to suggestions).

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i'm going to reopen this just once - this is programming related as a higher typing speed will increase my productivity as a programmer, whether I'm writing code or documentation. – Claudiu Nov 14 '08 at 0:23
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A good text editor is as important as a good keyboard. If I had to use a basic text editor, I would produce code more slowly. Vim makes me quick.

Speaking of keyboards, I'm very happy with my Kinesis Advantage for a non-obvious reason: less wrist pain means I can write more code more quickly. It's also a pretty fast keyboard (at least to my subjective analysis): good key feedback, space/enter/backspace/delete under your thumbs, so your fingers don't have to reach.

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I'm using Microsoft's Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 v 1.0. It's great for typing on all day and my wrists don't hurt like on other keyboards.

I notice I type a lot faster on it than other keyboards.

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I think this is a bit subjective. The best keyboard for you depends on the size and shape of your hands, your "default" posture and the strength of your muscles, your usual typing speed, and what sort of keyboard you grew up with.

For myself, I have a lot of trouble with laptop keyboards (though the tiny eeePC keyboard is several orders of magnitude worse) and I prefer keyboards with more resistance in the keys. I cannot stand the "thin" Apple A1243 keyboards, though I'm confident that YMMV.

In terms of keyboard layout, the positioning of { and } is not great on Dvorak. And typing ls is one of my pet hates. So coding and command prompt are QWERTY zones for me.

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I'd been using an unbranded (only inscription on it is Pro Terra) with an ergonomic parted in the middle design for the last 10 years. Broke down 4 times, could repair it 3... Shame, it had great size (rather large), keys had good movement, and overall felt comfortable once you got used to it. My advise, look for good ol' keyboards (like the amazing IBM Model M), known for better construction, classic layout (specially if you move arround several computers with high frequency).

What I'm trying to say, older models work better for me, because of their overall "feel". But, like most thing are, it's more a matter of personal taste, than anything else. You'll have to find out by yourself wich one fits better with your hands.


Ok, so I've bought a MS Natural Keyboard 4000. I'm in love. It works great and shares the same layout that my old unbranded keyboard did. It is surprisingly light, and has a lot of function keys that I rarely use (The exception being the sound volume keys).

Definetly, this is a good and comfortable keyboard, so I have to get on the bandwagon of people recomending it.

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For shear typing pleasure, my favorite is either a Das Keyboard or the Unicomp Customizer.

EDIT: I should mention that I always use one of these wrist cushions.

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For fast typing you want to:

  1. Touch type (Your fingers are faster than the eye)
  2. Reduce movement to a minimum
  3. Have good quality keys that are tolerant to stroking from different angles

So ideally you should get a keyboard where all buttons can be touch typed without moving the hands at all. E.g. the Happy Hacking keyboard (if anybody knows of others I'd like to hear about them!)

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Never used one myself.. but an Optimus keyboard might be a good option.

or their new Tactus 'touch screen' keyboard.

they may not be terrific for typing.. but a cool idea.

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This keyboard has actually reviewed quite poorly. It's a lovely concept but an unpleasant keyboard to use. – Neil Aitken Mar 1 '10 at 11:22

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