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I know that Silverlight 4 has support for COM interop via the AutomationFactory class.

dynamic excel = AutomationFactory.CreateObject( "Excel.Application" );
excel.Visible = true;

But this creates a separate window for the COM object. What I am missing here is if I am actually able to actually host an Office document inside my Silverlight application - in a ContentPresenter for example?

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You're not missing anything - it can't be done. You could look for converters to Silverlight of Office documents like

  • TextGlow for Word (source is on CodePlex) (2007 [and maybe 2010] format only).
  • PowerPoint to Silverlight Convertor (client side conversion, requires PowerPoint to be installed), also on CodePlex.

Both of these are view-only and do not come close to full fidelity - but they are a "good enough" set of options.

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Would be really neat if we could host office inside our containers, wouldn't it? Anyway, thanks for the information! –  Ivan Zlatanov May 23 '10 at 8:20

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