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We've had this question already, but I want to narrow it down to already high-speed typists.

The original poster had hit a barrier of 75 WPM and wanted to increase his speed. I'm at a barrier where I can reliably type around 130, and I can sometimes hit 150, probably depending on the distribution of words in the text.

I feel that methods to increase speed from this high end to higher might be different than going from 30 to 60, or even 75 to 100. Anybody have any suggestions?

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You need to start looking at the hardware... Try out different keyboards to get the best reactionary keyboard to your typing method. I find myself typing much faster on some keyboards even though they are identically sized with identical features...the key response times are slight different.

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this is what i was thinking myself. can you post your keyboard model here stackoverflow.com/questions/288856/best-keyboard-for-high-wpm ? –  Claudiu Nov 14 '08 at 0:35

If you're trying to learn how to type your favorite language faster, may I suggest that you learn a better language?

When I typed dictation a lifetime ago, I could type over 120wpm on a dictaphone. When I type C I rarely exceed 90wpm, but when I write lisp, I don't even reach 50wpm.

The time you're spending typing isn't being spent thinking.

If you're trying to learn how to type copy more quickly, learning to read more quickly can help. I had great success using rapid serial visual presentation to increase my reading speed.

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great suggestions. i think my reading is all set - i often consciously look ahead while i'm typing. my main issue isn't type copy, it's "type when I know what I want" speed. even in lisp - you think for a while, then you type your function in. time spent typing could be better spent th inking. –  Claudiu Nov 14 '08 at 1:21

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