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There's an open source library I want to use. As I want to spread my software as binary package, I do not want the library to have dependancies on other libraries, so I need to link the dependancies statically.

Now as the library is open source and there are no binaries provided, I compile it myself. The library uses autotools, and I didn't find any useful documentation on how to link dependancies statically. What I did try is to call the configure script with --enable-static, but this apparently only tells configure to compile a static version of the library - but what I need is a dynamic library that includes all the libraries it depends on.

So, I need a way to either tell configure to link against dependancies statically, or a way to post-process the built library to include all dependancies. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Oh, and if it matters: I'm on 64bit Snow Leopard.

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If you get the .a file of the library you can try to add the following in the of your project.

yourproject_LDADD =  libxxx.a
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Well thanks for digging up this old question, but this is not a real answer. I really want to have a dll that contains the library and all its dependencies. Also, I do not use autotools myself. – flyx Apr 26 '12 at 13:44

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