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I have been doing a bit of research on full-text searches as we realized a series of LIKE statements are terrible. My first find was MySQL full-text searches. I tried to implement this and it worked on one table, failed when I was trying to join multiple tables, and so I consulted stackoverflow's articles (look at the end for a list of the ones I've been to)

I didn't see anything that clearly answered my questions. I'm trying to get this done literally in an hour or two (quick solution) but I also want to do a better long term solution. Here is my query:

    a.`product_id`, a.`name`, a.`slug`, a.`description`, b.`list_price`, 
    b.`price`, c.`image`, c.`swatch`, e.`name` AS industry 
FROM `products` AS a 
LEFT JOIN `website_products` AS b ON (a.`product_id` = b.`product_id`)
    ( SELECT `product_id`, `image`, `swatch` FROM `product_images` 
      WHERE `sequence` = 0) AS c ON (a.`product_id` = c.`product_id`) 
LEFT JOIN `brands` AS d ON (a.`brand_id` = d.`brand_id`) 
INNER JOIN `industries` AS e ON (a.`industry_id` = e.`industry_id`) 
    b.`website_id` = 96 
    AND b.`status` = 1 
    AND b.`active` = 1 
    AND MATCH( a.`name`, a.`sku`, a.`description`, d.`name` ) AGAINST ( 'ashley sofa' ) 
GROUP BY a.`product_id` 
ORDER BY b.`sequence` LIMIT 0, 9

The error I get is: Incorrect arguments to MATCH

If I remove from the MATCH statement it works. I have a full-text index on that column.

I saw one of the articles say to use an OR MATCH for this table, but won't that lose the effectiveness of being able to rank them together or match them properly?

Other places said to use UNIONs but I don't know how to do that properly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

In the idea of a long term solution it seems that either Sphinx or Lucene is best. Now by no means and I a MySQL guru, and I heard that Lucene is a bit more complicated to setup, any recommendations or directions would be great.


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I fixed the "quick solution" problem, which can be found here:… – Kerry Jones May 24 '10 at 9:07
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For the short-term solution, I suggest creating a table of just the full-text values, as in this question.

For the long-term solution, please take a look at Solr. It is much easier to install than Lucene, and yet gives you most of its functionality. I have also heard good things about Sphinx, but have not personally ever used it.

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Great for the long-term solution! Looks like we will probably be using it, for the short-term, however, that link simply pointed out that you can't link to 2 tables in the same MATCH, so I need to figure out how I can make it work. When I use OR MATCH it simply takes forever (freezes essentially) and comes back like 15 minutes later – Kerry Jones May 24 '10 at 0:13

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