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I'd like to check for memory leaks in my Android app using the DDMS feature in Eclipse. When I launch an emulated device, the threads display properly for the emulated device, starting with 8600 and up.

However, when I connect my Droid to the PC, the device shows up just fine in DDMS. The logcat is generated correctly, and I can view the file structure. However, threads do not display. I get "no client selected" in the Threads pane, and there is no drop-down icon next to the device listing.

Do I need to change some particular setting in Eclipse? Is this maybe a driver issue?

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Eclipse Preferences (OSX) > Android > DDMS > check Thread Updates Enabled by Default

Add Android Device view to get device pan(e) noted above

Set android:debuggable=true (two g's) in app tag as noted above

Run your app in emulator

Select device in device pane

Click the update threads button


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Make sure you have android:debuggable="true" in you application tag in the manifest file

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you mean android:debuggable –  tos Mar 12 '12 at 8:59
thanks, worked for me –  Kerb Sep 16 '13 at 9:30

Go to DDMS

Select device in device pan

Look at header of this pane. You can see update threads

You can see thread and updates from device

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If you use Intellij Idea like me - run monitor from tools-> android, other way Idea built in ADB conflict with ddms.

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