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I’m starting a new firmware project in C++ for Texas Instrument C283xx and C6xxx targets. The unit tests will not run on the target, but will be compiled with gcc/gcov on a PC with windows (and run as well on PC) with simple metrics for tested code coverage.

The whole project will be part of Cruise Control.NET for continuous integrations.

My question is: what are the consistent IDE / framework / tools to work together?

A/ One of the developers says CodeComposerStudio V3.1 for application and CodeBlocks + CxxUnit for the Unit tests.

B/ I’m more attracted with CodeComposerStudio V4 for application, Eclipse CDT (well, as CCS V4) and CppUnit for unit test + MockCpp for mocks.

I don’t want the best in class tools for each process, but a global, consistent and easy solution (or group of tools if you prefer).

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In my opinion, google C++ Test Framework and google C++ Mocking Framework might be a better option. It works with eclipse cdt, and the output can be generated in the xml format for CI servers.

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yeah, I find it very usefull and it's compatible with Eclipse CDT. Thx ! –  TridenT Jun 6 '10 at 14:55

I understand the Unit tests not running on the target. But you might want test coverage collected in the target anyway.

See SD C++ Test Coverage for a tool that operates with minimal footprint in a practical way inside most targets. You have to customize a provided small data collection procedure for this to work; normally an afternoons' straightforward exercise.

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Thx for the link, but I'm still searching a group of tools ! –  TridenT May 26 '10 at 19:37

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